Get rid of TBC wallet fees? Do you wanna exchange TBC into BTC but there is no any exchange website? Purchase Kringle Project Coin "KPC" now because it will get listed soon! You can pay with Kringle upto 90% of your order (10% must be paid in BTC). For example if you purchase 1,000 KPC you will have to pay $900 in Kringle and only $100 in BTC. Full Bitcoin payment also available. Check your spam folder, too!

ICO ends in⠀

Order KPC before price goes up
Current Price 1.00 USD

How it work


First step you have to register yourself with Kringle Project.


Second step login with your username and password.


Third step purchase KPC coin and start trading.

Coin Details

Coin Name :

Kringle project

Ticker of Coin :


Total Supply :

34 million KPC

Block Time :

1 minute

Reward Structure :
  • Premine: 3.4 Million (3,400,000) in first 100 blocks @34000 KPC per block from block 1 to 100
  • Minable: 30.6 Million (30,600,000) @ 5 KPC per block from block 101 to 6120000

OUR GOAL Kringle Project

Our mission is supporting people in need. We are about organizing several programs worldwide which help people changing their lives. Poverty, depression and loneliness... unfortunately these are the most common reasons of suicide. There is always a way people can walk on and find the meaning of life. Organizing programs help people to get know with new perspectives. There is no one truth that fits to everyone. Every person must find it's own way how life works. Information is the most valuable thing in life and education is the key. Educate people is the mission of Kringle Project!

The Kringle Project has it's coin called "KPC". It will get listed on exchanges soon so you will be able to Buy & Sell instantly. KPC can be purchased with maximum 90% Kringle (TBC) and 10% Bitcoin. For example if you would like to purchase 1,000 KPC you will pay $900 in Kringle & only $100 in BTC. After submitting your order we will reach you via email in 24 hours. Please check your spam folder, too!

Benefits of Kringle Project

You can buy KPC with 90% Kringle (TBC) & 10% Bitcoin payment. When ICO ends KPC will get listed on exchanges so you will be able to Buy & Sell your coins instantly!

Easy to Trade

KPC coin will get listed on several exchanges so you will be able to Buy & Sell Instantly.

External Charges

There is no any external fee. You will pay only your KPC order with Kringle & BTC.


We will send your KPC coins directly to your Desktop wallet which is coming soon...

ICO Calendar

Once we sold out or the ICO ends we will get KPC listed on exchanges. KPC is the new exchangeable TBC!

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2019-10-14 2020-06-07 34000000 KPC 1.00 USD

Road Map

We are working on Kringle Project since early 2019 and our team do it's best to create something new which can be helpful for a lot of people.

Attempts of getting Kringle listed on exchanges.

Q1 2019

Working on the new conception of Kringle Project.

Q2 2019

Begin development of Kringle Project Coin.

Q3 2019

ICO starts.

Q4 2019

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Please fell free to ask. we will provide you better solution.

Sign Up and purchase KPC coins with Kringle (TBC) and BTC.

We are working on it. You can download it from the website soon...

You can pay for your order with upto 90% Kringle (TBC) & 10% BTC.

Once we sold out or the ICO ends.

At this moment it's $1.

It will depend on the market but we will do our best to get listed on the highest price.

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